Terms and Conditions

Office of Maître Thierry Collard, Bailiff in Verviers.

Participation in the auction implies the unconditional acceptance of the following conditions of sale :

  1. The highest bidder - last bidder - will be the successful tenderer.  He will have the obligation to pay the auction price of the lot in cash plus 25% for costs and VAT and € 1.50 per lot for administration costs. Since the Hôtel des ventes Legros is submitted to the special margin scheme, the VAT is included in the sale price. The billing request must be made at the latest before the fifth day of the week following the sale.
  2. Each bidder must act on his or her own account and in his or her personal name and is held personally responsible for the payment of the lots which have been awarded in any capacity whatsoever.
  3. The information listed in the catalogues, ads, commercials or any other material issued from the Hôtel des ventes Legros must be considered to be mere indications which under no circumstances incur the liability of the Hôtel des ventes Legros. Buyers must check the condition and nature of the items presented for auction during the exhibition that takes place prior to the sale.
  4. Upon award of a lot to a buyer, the risks pass to the buyer and he is bound to pay the price before removal. Payment will be made in cash in Euros (maximum 3.000 €), by credit card (remote payment not possible)or bank wire. The lots may not be removed during the sale. Buyers are required to pay and take possession of their awarded lots within the 5 working days that follow the auction. The awarded lots are given the utmost care but after the allocation neither the Hôtel des ventes Legros nor anyone in its service can be held liable for any loss or damage.
  5. In the event of a dispute or error regarding the sale, the lot will be re-auctioned. The bailiff will make the absolute judgement on the settlement of any dispute which may arise during the sale.
  6. The buyer who wishes may bid or participate in the auction by phone.  In this case, the buyer will make a request by e-mail, postal mail or fax and will give all the information concerning himself or herself to the Hôtel des ventes Legros who reserves the right to request his or her bank contact information and references. The Hôtel des ventes Legros cannot be held responsible neither for errors of the buyer in the indication of the lot number that he or she wants to acquire or in the phone number that must be used to call him or her, nor for possible problems with the telephone lines.
  7. The costs of packing and transport are to be borne by the buyer and are under his or her responsibility.
  8. In accordance with the Law of 30 June 1994, imposing a right to the public sales of works of art for the benefit of artists and authors of the works sold, the buyer will pay in addition to the selling price a resale right which amounts to 4% on the works sold at a price of € 2,000 or more. The resale right is extinguished when the artist has been dead for over 70 years
  9. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Verviers shall have sole jurisdiction.